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Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 22

06-13-17_10-19-48 PM

I don’t even know what happened after the wedding. The reception’s such a blur to me. I remember there was beer. Continue reading


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Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 21

06-13-17_10-09-00 PM

The moment I see Siobhan walking down the aisle, my breath hitches. She walks closer, hand in hand with her father. When she gets to me, she gives me the widest, most gorgeous of smiles. I can only smile back.

This is it. No turning back, and I don’t want to. This is the woman I love with all my heart. My soul mate. Continue reading


Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 20

06-12-17_9-02-22 PM

Today’s the day. My wedding day. Siobhan left last night to her parents house. She wants to keep some things traditional, I guess. Funny, since I would think traditional would mean not moving in before marriage or not having sex before marriage.

Yeah, well those were thrown out the window, thank the Gods. I do miss her already. I have no doubt that after today, Siobhan and I will have the greatest life together. We’ll definitely grow old together.

Okay, enough thinking. It’s time to get ready for the wedding. Siobhan showed me yesterday where she put my suit. Now to finish my breakfast, and head out.

Oh Gods, I’m getting married! Continue reading


Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 16

06-12-17_6-26-26 PM

I can’t get over how gorgeous this place is. The waterfalls. The beautiful rainbows. Even the fish are rare and a treat. I catch many, even the elusive angler fish.

I now know what I need to do. It wasn’t fear that stopped me from asking Siobhan, it was not knowing where to ask her, and now I know. I’m going to ask her to marry me, here, right in front of the waterfall. Continue reading