It's All Vanilla

An ISBI Legacy

About the Vanilla’s

Generation 1

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Eco Existence Challenge (In-Game Progress)

Stage One: Survive off the land.

  • Reach Level 10 of any skill.
    Complete at least one aspiration.
    Have §50,000 Simoleons in reserve.
    Build a home with these funds. You are allowed to stay on same lot or move to another.
    Congratulations! Stage one is complete.

Stage Two: Ever Onward

  • Complete another aspiration (19/20 Fish, 9/10 Skill)
    Reach Level 10 of any skill. 9/10 Fishing
    Gain §30,000 to reserves.
    Fitness Achieve Level 4 unlocks travel to the Gym
    Creative/Painting Level 4 unlocks travel to Museum
    Logic Level 4 unlock plus Handiness Level 4 unlock travel to library, computer use and Rocket Science
    Charisma Level 3  unlock able to accept social text invites, go on dates /Romance Aspirations / Marriage / Family Aspirations

Part 3: Contribute to Society

  • Children to be taught to respect nature. Fish to gain Mental Skill, Cloud Gaze/Star Gaze to gain Creative Skill (not limited to these methods).