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Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 20


06-12-17_9-02-22 PM

Today’s the day. My wedding day. Siobhan left last night to her parents house. She wants to keep some things traditional, I guess. Funny, since I would think traditional would mean not moving in before marriage or not having sex before marriage.

Yeah, well those were thrown out the window, thank the Gods. I do miss her already. I have no doubt that after today, Siobhan and I will have the greatest life together. We’ll definitely grow old together.

Okay, enough thinking. It’s time to get ready for the wedding. Siobhan showed me yesterday where she put my suit. Now to finish my breakfast, and head out.

Oh Gods, I’m getting married!

06-13-17_10-03-11 PM

I made it to the old ruins. Why Siobhan picked this place, I still am asking myself that. Okay, the view is pretty nice. And there’s history, but…it’s the ruins. Ah well.

“You must be the man that stole my Siobhan’s heart? What’d you do to keep her away? What makes you so special, hmm? Siobhan’s a good girl, you know?”

Oh great. This must be Siobhan’s father. What’s his name again? I know Siobhan told me it. “Um…you’re Mr. Fyres, right?”

“Hmm…You know, a real man would ask my permission before he ran away and married my daughter. Are you a real man?”

06-13-17_10-04-41 PM

“Dominic, stop. You’re scaring the poor boy,” a lovely woman chuckled.

“Good. He should be scared. Are you scared Jeremy?”

“Um, yes?” Scared, I’m petrified. This guy makes my skin crawl. This is Siobhan’s dad, and already I am not making a good impression. Not good, Jeremy, not good. 


“What?” he laughs.

“Leave the man alone. Shoo. Go on. Go be a cave man to some other poor soul.”

06-13-17_10-05-35 PM

Mr. Fryres leaves me after giving a final once over at me and grins. Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad.

“Don’t listen to Dom. He’s just messing with you. I’m Moira, Siobhan’s mother. You ready?”

My heart warms at her smile. I nod. I am ready. “I’ve never been more ready, Mrs. Fyres.”

“Please, call me Mum.”

I laugh. I like her. I like her a lot.

“Let’s get you to the arch. We have a wedding to start.”

“Yes, mum. Lead the way.”

Author: orangeplumbob

When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.

3 thoughts on “Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 20

  1. He should have at least met them before the wedding. Lol


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