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Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 11


05-31-17_9-31-26 PM

Siobhan is my one and only, and that’s a fact. After hearing those words, the ones that I have been dying to hear, I pulled her into my arms, and I showed her how much I loved her. Craved her. Gods, she was definitely the one.

05-31-17_7-52-11 PM

Yet, I can’t keep her completely happy.


“Yeah, baby?” I grin over to her while I cook my latest catch of the day.

“Have…have you thought about, maybe, buying a house?”

I laugh, shaking my head, I answer, “No. No way.”

“Okay, how about building one?”

Hmm… “Nope, never thought of it, why? Do you want me to?”

“It’d be nice. We have all this land.”

This was true. A house? That was an idea. I never truly thought about building a house. Yet, how could I say no? She’s my Siobhan. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her, and if she wants a house, I’ll build her a house.

“Okay, I’ll build us a house.”


“Of course. I’d do anything for you, Si.”

06-02-17_1-19-57 PM

After that day, Siobhan and I talked a lot about the plans. I asked her plenty of questions about what she wanted. How many rooms? Bathrooms? How big did she want the place to be? The colors? Everything I could think of. We spent days and nights planning.

06-02-17_4-25-43 PM

I even started on the build. Well, in pieces here and there, like gathering the wood for the frame of the house, and building some of the furniture. I wasn’t about to disappoint Siobhan.

She watches me a lot when I build. I think she checks me out. She says I am building quite the muscle mass while I lug trees and other lumber around. Personally, I think she just likes staring at my butt when I pick up the lumber. I am always catching her staring when I bend over.

06-02-17_4-34-26 PM

The house isn’t taking all of our time. No way. Siobhan and I still do plenty of things to pass the time. We actively jog around the neighborhood now. Siobhan likes to point out the houses around our area, and we discuss the architecture a lot on those days.

06-02-17_3-53-56 PM

“So, when do you think you’ll be ready to actually build this house?” Siobhan asked over our amazing dinner. The two of us visited a nearby little park and I grilled us the finest fish I caught that day.

I grunt and lift a shoulder in a shrug. The thing is, even with all the work I put into the place, there’s just some things I cannot do—like plumbing and electricity. I know I’m going to have to hire outside help, and that meant money.

“I think,” I say just as I swallow a bite of my fish, “I think I’m going to need help. And I’m going to need to save some more money to get that. But soon, baby, I promise, you’ll get your dream house.”

Author: orangeplumbob

When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 11

  1. Aww this was sweet! I’m sure he’ll build that house in no time. I wonder if Siobhan is nesting because she’s expecting an addition to their household? Hmm…

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  2. So sweet. Anything for the love of his life.

    Liked by 1 person

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