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Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 9


05-31-17_3-45-21 PM

Oh my gods, she didn’t. I can’t stop laughing. I woke up to some strange sound, like some animal was choking, and came out of the tent just to see Siobhan getting puked up by the cow plant.

“So, did you like the cake?” I ask, laughing.

“That is disgusting!” Siobhan shouts and stands. “My dress is ruined. I gotta run, Jeremy. I have to go get clean.”

“Okay.” A part of me wish she would stay, but I totally get her not wanting to smell like cow plant vomit.

05-31-17_6-32-40 PM

I really hate when Siobhan leaves. I don’t like it one bit. I want her here, with me, always. I want to wake up next to her every morning. I want to fall asleep with her in my arms. I want to be with her, always.

I should ask her to move into my tent. Shouldn’t I? Would she even want to move onto a bunch of land with no running water, and a tent to keep warm at night in? Would she want to live off the land?

05-31-17_5-32-47 PM

I’m going to ask her. No, I am. I’ve got to keep her close. I’ve got to be with her. She makes my world shine brighter than the sun, and the sun is pretty bright.

“What do you think, plants? Think she’ll say yes?” She’s got to say yes. She’s got to! It would be the greatest thing in the world if my Siobhan said yes and moved in.


Am I obsessing over this?

She has to say yes!

05-31-17_3-40-46 PM

Siobhan returned just after the sun went down. “Hey, Jeremy.”

I can’t even look into her eyes, those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. My heart is hammering in my chest. Ask her, Jeremy! Ask her!

“Will you move in with me?” I fumbled the words. Oh gods, I fumbled the words.


I screwed it all up. I choked. She’s going to say…wait, “What? Really?”

“Sure. I’d love to live off the land.”


05-31-17_3-38-13 PM

05-31-17_7-11-59 PM

Siobhan left the night I asked her to move in. She wanted to pack and gather some things. So, I practically fumble out of my tent when she called out my name.

Oh gods. She’s even more gorgeous. “Wow.”

“You like? I figured a farming girl can’t be wearing a dress all the time.”

“I love you.”

Author: orangeplumbob

When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.

5 thoughts on “Jeremy Vanilla: Chapter 9

  1. That’s not the only slime she’s covered in after that night in the tent, amirite-


  2. Jeremy’s cuteness is so perfect for this story! Little things make him happy. I think it’s so funny that he laughed at Siobahn sitting there in cow plant vomit and still wanted her to stay. But totally understood she needed to get changed. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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