It's All Vanilla

An ISBI Legacy



Welcome to It’s All Vanilla. The name says it all. There are no mods (sans the censor-remover). There’s no custom content. Not a single piece of CC will grace this story.

Now, for the challenge aspect of the game!

I am following (as much as I can) three sets of rules: Pinstar’s Legacy Rules, the ISBI (I’m Surrounded by Idiots) rules, and the Eco Existence Challenge rules.

I will not keep score.

This is something I am doing for fun, and wanted to see if I can live without mods, cc, and most importantly poses.

There may or may not be a plot. The Sims will dictate the story in the sense.

This Legacy will follow these succession rules:

Strict Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir. Female children cannot, under any circumstance, ever be the heir to the next generation.

Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Exemplar: At the beginning of the challenge, name a single trait. This trait must be one of your founder’s three traits.. Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait or more than one exemplar, follow the First Born rule.

Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status